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heroal Communicator

Your online workspace

Work and communicate efficiently: Fast and easy access to relevant information and documents. With only one click you can reach your person of contact. The heroal Communicator is your workspace at heroal. The secure access to the heroal Communicator will let you work safely and reliably while using personalized content and important documents. Whether in your office, on your tablet or on your smartphone: The heroal Communicator supports you with your daily business — no matter where you are.

Additional value and first class service for you!

The diverse and comfortable heroal Communicator tools are the ideal support and great timesavers for your tasks. Request your personal access now and benefit from various advantages:

  • Gain access to your work material easier than ever. Find technical information, assessment documents, CAD-Data, brochures, and many more.
  • Using email, messaging or the telephone: The heroal Communicator connects you quickly and personally to your contact.
  • Set up your appointments fast and easy directly with our heroal consultants online.

Explore the heroal Communicator

Starting September 8 2015 we will present you the heroal Communicator and make digital progress for our heroal customers and partners. Our video tour will give you a preview to the many advantages and features.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will I be able to use the heroal Communicator while on the move?

Yes. A very important aspect during the development of the heroal Communicator is the comfortable utilization on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Thus you can access all heroal services on the move.

I’ve already signed up for the partner panel. Will I need to sign up again in order to use the heroal Communicator?

No. As a member of our previous partner panel, you should have received your login information via email. If you haven’t received the information, please contact us.

Who can use the heroal Communicator?

heroal wants to simplify work and communication for its customers and partners. This is why we specifically designed the heroal Communicator for customers, partners, architects and planners.

How much will the service cost me?

The use of the heroal Communicator is free of charge.

Get access

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