Social commitment

We support charitable projects in various areas to help those in need of assistance. This is a matter of heart for us.

Hand in hand for a sustainable future

With our products and system solutions, we contribute to more sustainability, safety, comfort and architectural design for the buildings of today and tomorrow. In addition, we support numerous regional and international non-profit institutions and projects that get involved in a variety of ways to give young people access to education, improve environmental protection or support children in need.

Our commitment

heroal supports charitable projects and initiatives both regionally and worldwide. We support organisations, associations and projects that make a difference and create real impact. We focus on the following areas:

Our contribution to society

„We see it as part of our corporate responsibility to make a positive contribution to tackling the social challenges of our time - whether regionally or globally. To this end, we support both regional and international charitable projects, with a special focus on supporting children and young people who are particularly in need of help.”

Dr Max Schöne, Managing Director

Projects and organisations

We are committed to specific projects that make a difference. These range from supporting regional sports clubs and charitable institutions to international organizations, charities and programmes. We would like to share some of our long-term projects and partners here:

Gola Forest Conservation

Forests are among the most important CO2 reservoirs on the planet, are home to an enormous variety of species and the basis of life for all living creatures. We are committed to ensuring the long-term preservation of forests and support the Gola Forest Conservation project. Since 2011, the Gola Rainforest National Park on the border between Sierra Leone and Liberia has been protecting around 68,500 hectares of rainforest, together with the national population. In addition to preserving the forests, it has also been possible to significantly improve the living conditions of the local people.

Zambesi Forest Conservation

The climate protection project offers sustainable development opportunities to the people in south-eastern Zambia. There are 8,300 people living in the region, 90 % of them in extreme poverty. The increasing demand for firewood threatens the local forests. This projects combats the cause of progressive deforestation in a sustainable way, creating alternative sources of income and improving basic services for the local people.

Herzenswünsche e.V.

Our donations to the German charity Herzenswünsche e.V. benefit children with perception, movement and balance disorders as well as development and communication problems. Animal-assisted therapy and contact with animals support the children’s motor skills and social development. In this way, they learn concentration, cooperation, tolerance and thoughtfulness in a playful way.

Aktion Kleiner Prinz

Since 1993, the German charity Aktion Kleiner Prinz e.V. has been supporting selected projects for children in need worldwide. In addition to helping the victims of the floods on the river Ahr and the river Erft, we donated to the construction of an additional classroom at a school in Uganda.

Human Help Network e.V.

The Human Help Network e.V. helps orphaned siblings in Rwanda who live in the poorest conditions, accompanies them as they grow up and supports their education in order to lay the foundation for an independent life. We donate to support the so-called “children families“, and are also committed to transporting goods for refugees from Ukraine.

SC Verl

As a family business based in Verl, we feel closely connected to this city. Naturally, we follow the games of the sports club SC Verl. We are pleased to be able to support the club within our sports club partnership.

TV Verl

We support the local sports club TV Verl and are a proud official sponsor of the handball team.


Meeting other people in a safe space is by no means a given outcome. The Jugendaustauschwerk im Kreis Gütersloh e.V., a youth exchange association, is a meeting place in Verl. Parent-child events, health courses and exercises, creative activities and music lessons for young and old take place here, to name but a few. The Droste House Foundation ensures the independent work of the youth exchange organisation also in the future, and we are happy to support it financially.

Fruchtalarm gGmbH

The German charity Fruchtalarm gGmbH mixes colourful, tasty fruit cocktails from various juices, nectars and syrups for children with cancer. For this purpose, a mobile children’s cocktail bar goes to 34 children’s cancer wards, rehabilitation clinics and hospices all over Germany once a week. Fruchtalarm gGmbH promotes activity, self-determination and joie de vivre for seriously ill children and young adults. A great project that is very close to our hearts!

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