Conservatory awning

Optimal protection against heat and glaring light for your patio canopy. Enjoy perfect shelter, even on hot summer’s days.

Conservatory awning

On-glass awnings as sun protection for patio canopies and conservatories

Patio canopies and conservatories extend your living space and enable you to use your outdoor area all year round, regardless of the weather. With direct sun radiation, however, the room under large panes of glass heats up relatively quickly. A conservatory awning designed as an on-glass awning for horizontal and slanted aluminium roofs does not only provide effective protection against direct sun radiation, it also keeps the temperature under your patio canopy or in your conservatory constant, creating a pleasant climate. On-glass awnings in tried and tested heroal quality „Made in Germany“ can be made to measure and individually designed. They harmoniously integrate into your heroal patio canopy and are also suited for a retrofit at a later date. We will show you what matters most when purchasing a conservatory awning for installation above the glass.

What is so special about heroal conservatory awnings?


Thanks to the material aluminium and the high-quality textiles used for sun protection, heroal conservatory awnings are very durable and easy care. So you can enjoy your sun protection for a long time.

Wind resistance

The innovative zip technology of the conservatory awning provides for a very smooth and stable running of the sun protection in its guide rails. Therefore, the on-glass awning can also withstand strong squalls.

Invisible integration

The on-glass awning heroal HS harmoniously matches the design of the patio canopy system heroal OR. A perfect colour match creates the impression that both systems have become one.

heroal HS conservatory awnings

As on-glass awnings for glass roofs, heroal HS conservatory awnings provide effective protection against strong sun radiation, because they reflect and absorb the sun rays even before they hit the glass roof, preventing the heating up of the covered room. In addition to zip guidance based on the idea of a zip fastener, a draw back system provides for especially high stability and highest textile tensioning. With a maximum element width of 5 m and a maximum element depth of 5,3 m, a total surface of up to 21 m2 can be covered. Depending on the sun protection textile, sun radiation can be reduced by up to 75 % and UV-radiation by up to 95 %.

As a supplementary system of the patio canopy system heroal OR, the on-glass awning heroal HS represents a perfect match and further enhances the appearance of your patio canopy. Furthermore, the guide rails and the textile of the on-glass awning heroal HS can create a perfect colour match with the vertical awning heroal VS Z OR.

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Design variants of heroal conservatory awnings

Advantages of an on-glass awning

Protection against heat

A sun protection mounted on top of the patio canopy reflects and absorbs the sun rays even before they hit the glass. This prevents the heat accumulating under the glass roof and creates a pleasant and constant climate in your summer garden or under your patio canopy.

Protection against glaring light

Would you like to enjoy your patio canopy or conservatory without being blinded by direct sunlight? With a conservatory awning, you can reduce direct sun radiation without having to go without natural daylight.


On-glass awnings are very low-maintenance. The textile is easy to clean when the awning is extended. When it retracts into the panel box, it is protected against moisture and soiling.


  • How does a conservatory awning function?

    The functioning of a conservatory awning is relatively simple. The sun protection textile of the on-glass awning is installed and tensioned between two guide rails fixed to the rafters of the patio canopy. The innovative zip technology provides for increased stability and resistance against wind. Comparable to a zip fastener, the textile is guided in the rails installed on the roof. In addition, a counter draw system provides for an optimal tensioning of the textile. That way, heroal conservatory awnings are firmly held in their guide rails even in strong winds, ensuring reliable and safe operation. An electric control winds the textile up into an integrated box invisible from the outside. So the conservatory awning is optimally protected against moisture and soiling.

    The horizontal on-glass awning heroal HS is optimally adapted to the patio canopy system heroal OR and can also be installed at a later date without disrupting the roof design – for a harmonious appearance and perfect look of the patio canopy.

  • Where can I buy heroal conservatory awnings?

    heroal horizontal awnings for conservatories are exclusively available from heroal specialist partners. A conservatory awning is individually customised for your conservatory and made to measure. Please use our heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator in your area easily and fast.

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  • Can I also use heroal conservatory awnings for canopies from other manufacturers?

    Yes, you can. The sun protection system heroal HS can be combined with canopies made by other manufacturers.

  • Is the conservatory awning heroal HS also suited for the patio canopy heroal CR?

    Yes, it is. This conservatory awning can be combined with the patio canopy heroal CR.

  • Can a heroal conservatory awning be made to measure?

    Your individual heroal conservatory awning is made to measure and ideally adapted to your patio canopy or conservatory. There are numerous available design variants for the horizontal sun protection of your patio canopy. Adapt the guide rails to ideally suit your patio canopy or summer garden. You can choose between a wide range of RAL chart colours, exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours and the coating technology heroal SD, enabling you to create surfaces with true to detail wooden, concrete or rust looks. For a harmonious appearance of your patio canopy, there are numerous design options for the sun protection textile to choose from.

  • Can a heroal conservatory awning be controlled electrically?

    Control the sun protection of your patio canopy at the touch of a button, via hand transmitter, push button or your smart phone. heroal conservatory awnings are only available with electric drive and compatible with all standard Smart Home systems, enabling you to individually and automatically control the on-glass awning depending on sun radiation, room temperature or wind speed. The control of your winter garden awning is also easily possible when you are on your way.


More advantages of heroal conservatory awnings at a glance

  • Optimal supplement of patio canopy system heroal OR
  • Effective protection against heat
  • Harmonious integration into patio canopy
  • Retrofit possible

Brochure conservatory awning >

  • Highest textile tensioning
  • High wind resistance
  • Span width up to 6 m
  • Reduction of sun radiation by up to 75 %

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