Aluminium roller doors

Suitable for any installation situation, TÜV-certified burglar resistance and convenient operation.

Roller garage doors, overhead doors and roller grilles

Garage doors made of aluminium for any installation situation

Roller garage doors have to meet the highest standards. You should not compromise in your choice of garage doors in terms of design, safety or functionality. Whether it is a roller garage door, overhead door or roller grille: the choice of a garage door depends on the individual requirements and installation situation. Aluminium roller garage doors by heroal can be adapted to your requirements and your garage. We will show you what to look out for when choosing the right door.

What makes heroal aluminium roller garage doors stand out?

TÜV-tested burglar resistance

The number of burglaries in garages is also increasing. Garages often provide direct access to living spaces and garage doors are often easily pried off of the guide rails. heroal stands for increased burglary protection, TÜV-tested. The high material thickness, bending strength and outstanding stability of our guide rails guarantee effective security.

A roller garage door that fits your specifications

heroal aluminium roller garage doors are suitable for nearly any installation situation. This design-oriented, space-saving solution makes it possible to close even large openings in a building structure. Choose from an extensive range of colours and surface finishes and combine your aluminium roller garage door with matching see-through, grille and ventilation profiles.

Easy to use and safe

With sturdy aluminium roller garage doors by heroal, you can rely on a long service life. Even years later, you can retrofit additional elements for easier operation. At heroal, accident protection is a standard: This includes automatic obstacle detection, roll-up stops and anti-drop protection as well as emergency unlocking.

Aluminium roller garage doors from A to Z

  • Electric garage doors

    Electric garage doors

    An electric drive allows you to control your roller garage doors automatically. An electric door drive is a convenient and energy-saving solution, especially for extra wide garage doors. You can easily control roller garage doors from your smartphone or remote control. Manual control via a permanently installed switch is also possible. You can even use your smartphone to close the garage door and check the locking status while you are away from home. A sensor can be used to detect obstacles and stop the door motor when the roller garage door is being lowered. Take a look at more information on an electric drive for your garage door here.

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  • Garage door dimensions

    Individual garage door dimensions

    heroal roller garage doors are available in standard sizes and in special sizes. It is possible to make extra wide and extra narrow roller garage doors as well. You can make individual selections for the height and width of your garage doors. heroal roller garage doors are divided into three categories in terms of height and width: Garage doors for low garages with a low lintel height, doors for small garages where a special space-saving solution is required and roller garage doors for large garages where a maximum width of 6,000 mm or a maximum height of 5,000 mm is possible. This makes heroal garage doors are particularly well-suited for retrofitting. Learn more about garage door dimensions by heroal.

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  • Advantages of aluminium roller garage doors

    Advantages of heroal aluminium roller garage doors

    You will enjoy your aluminium roller garage door for a long time to come. Aluminium is a particularly resistant material characterised by a very long, low-maintenance service life. The insensitivity of aluminium also makes it easy to clean and maintain. Aluminium roller garage doors make a valuable contribution to ecological sustainability. Aluminium roller garage doors ensure maximum energy efficiency with minimum material use. In addition, heroal uses 85% recycled aluminium, which means energy savings of 95% compared to the extraction of new aluminium. The use of aluminium for your garage door means maximum design variety, because aluminium combines stability with premium surfaces. This makes it possible to build particularly wide roller garage doors.

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  • Professional roller garage door installation

    Professional roller garage door installation

    We would like to make the installation of your heroal roller garage doors as convenient as possible. Whether you decide on a roller garage door, overhead door or roller grille: Our specialist partners will advise you on all of the possibilities and ensure fast and professional installation of your roller garage door. It is also no problem to retrofit heroal garage doors. Use our partner search tool now to find a partner in your area from 3,500 heroal specialists worldwide who can guarantee expert installation of your roller garage doors.

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  • Our roller garage certifications

    TÜV-certified burglary resistance

    The heroal RD 75 internally mounted roller shutter with anti-lift device has TÜV-tested burglary resistance: The test procedure simulates the average burglary behaviour that the garage door must withstand. Typical burglary tools such as locksmith hammers, screwdrivers and locksmith pliers are used in this procedure.

    Hail resistance

    heroal roller shutters and roller garage doors achieve hail resistance (HW) of up to class 7 the hail resistance test conducted by the Austrian Institute for Fire Protection, Safety and Security Research (IBS). In a hail simulation, standardised ice balls are pneumatically accelerated and "shot" at the test objects.

Which roller garage door is right for me?

Whether it is for your home or for use at commercial and industrial locations: With a wide variety of equipment options, aluminium roller garage systems by heroal can be flexibly adapted to different installation situations. heroal will support you in choosing the right roller garage system to meet your needs. We provide roller garage doors for very small garages, very large garages, garages with particularly low lintel heights, and everything in between. But the type of system is not the only option you have to choose from. There are many other details that should be considered when choosing a garage door, such as the colour, the slat surface and the drive options. You can also make your roller garage door more comfortable and safer with accessories such as a smart home system, soft start and soft stop. Learn more about the differences, special features and extras available for roller garage doors and find the right garage door for your needs.

Roller garage door, overhead door or roller grille?

Choosing the right roller garage door system is the basis for all further considerations concerning your garage door. Roller garage doors by heroal are available in a wide variety of designs to meet your different requirements. Four different systems are available: the two roller garage door systems, an overhead door system and a roller grille system, each of which can be adapted to your individual needs with different door slats, installation types, colours and various extras. Here you can find out about the differences and decide which system is right for you.

Roller door slats

You can choose from a variety of roller garage door profiles depending on the roller garage door system you choose. Different options are available for the standard profile, see-through profile, grille profile and ventilation profile. In addition, roller door slats can be roll-formed or extruded. Find out more about the difference between roll-formed and extruded roller door slats and which dimensions can be achieved with which slats in terms of width and height.

Roll-formed or extruded roller door slats?

In roll forming, aluminium strips are passed through successive rollers and formed into the desired shape for the slats piece-by-piece. These slats have a particularly high wind load resistance compared to an extruded slat. Extruded profiles are made from an aluminium press block that is heated and then pressed. The result is a slat in the desired shape with a very high material thickness, which makes the slat and the garage door overall more stable and robust. An extruded slat is particularly useful when you need increased safety or high stability.

Roller garage door installation - open or closed?

Closed roller garage door installation

In closed installation, a shutter box protects the rolled up curtain of the roller garage door. It not only has an elegant design, but also protects the roller garage door and the mechanical components inside the shutter box from environmental influences. Closed assembly is the most common choice for the private and commercial sectors.

Open roller garage door installation

Open mounting is also referred to as mounting without a shutter box. If you need extra wide and extra high garage doors, open installation without a shutter box is the perfect solution for optimal use of space. Open mounting is often used in underground garages and in industrial areas.

Roller garage door drive

With so many advantages of electric roller garage doors, a garage door without an electric drive is almost unthinkable today. In addition to the convenience of remote controls and smartphone controls, security also plays a major role. For example, automatic obstacle detection can protect against accidents and injuries caused by closing doors. There are a variety of options for installing your garage door drive. We offer roller garage doors with a geared motor, overhead doors with side-mounted drives and overhead doors with centre-mounted drives.

Roller garage door with geared motor

A geared motor is usually side-mounted on roller garage doors. They are used for large doors that are heavy and see frequent use, for example, in underground garages and in the industrial sector.

Overhead door with side-mounted drive

Overhead doors with side-mounted drives are always used for very small garages with low lintel heights. A 65 mm lintel is sufficient for side-mounting the overhead door drive.

Overhead door with centre-mounted drive

Centre-mounted drives are located in the centre below the raised overhead door. They are particularly suitable for large roller garage doors up to 4 x 4 m.

Roller garage doors in all RAL-colours

There are no limits to creativity in the design of roller garage door surfaces. In addition to standard and special colours, up to 200 colours from the RAL colour palette are available on request. Based on the roller shutter's requirements, the coating technology can be double-layer thick lacquer, decorative foil coating or hwr powder coating. The high-quality finishing processes for the surface of the roller garage door slats and all components are subject to regular testing by independent testing institutes. Find out how the processes differ and learn about the advantages of the various colours and designs.

heroal 2-layer thick coating

This coating technology is applied before the aluminium components are roll-formed and it is used for the majority of roller garage door slats. Surfaces coated with this technology are colour-intensive, easy to clean, durable and very UV-resistant. Even years down the line, the colour on your roller garage doors will continue to shine like it did on the first day.

heroal hwr powder coating

This coating technology was developed for extruded profiles and is optimally matched with the double-layer thick lacquer coating for roll-formed products. This ensures a uniform appearance for windows, roller shutters and roller garage doors. heroal hwr powder coating meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability. It is exceptionally robust, highly weather-resistant and easy to clean.

Decorative film

In addition to the variety of colours available, the roll-formed bars of the heroal RD 75 roller garage door and the OD 75 overhead door can also be covered in decorative film. In addition to the standard colours, you can also choose a wood or concrete look. The decorative film is applied on the outside of the roller shutter and can be applied on the inside as well if desired. It is not possible to foil-coat shutter boxes, guide rails, end slats or see-through, grille and ventilation profiles.

heroal SD

The coating technology heroal Surface Design (SD) offers additional design possibilities. heroal SD offers wood, concrete and rust looks. In addition to the variety of design possibilities, this type of coating is also particularly resistant. A pre-treatment with heroal hwr powder coating makes heroal SD coating a higher quality than decorative film.

Roller garage door colours

There is no limits on colour design with heroal roller shutter systems. In addition to standard and special colours, colours from the RAL colour palette are available on request. Roller garage door slats can also be foil-coated in a variety of designs. Take a look at a small selection of the wide range of colours available for heroal roller garage door systems.

Extras and accessories for roller garage doors

Equip your roller garage door, overhead door or roller grille with extras and accessories that provide you with additional safety and comfort. Enjoy the benefits of smart home compatibility for heroal garage doors as well as protection against burglary and accidents. In addition, heroal offers innovative roller shutter technologies that protect and improve the operation of your garage doors, ensuring an increased service life for your roller garage door system.


Product features of heroal aluminium roller garage doors at a glance

heroal roller garage doors are setting the standards for the future of garage doors. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the high quality, design diversity and functional possibilities of heroal roller garage doors. Call us or visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration. heroal roller garage doors achieve the best results:

Brochure roller garage doors

  • opening and closing speed
  • energy efficiency
  • service life
  • burglary resistance
  • sound insulation and qiuet operation
  • protection against hail and storms

Surfaces and variety of colours

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