Patio doors

Extend your living space with large aluminium patio doors and create a very special feel for your home.

Patio door

Aluminium patio doors for a special ambiance

Patio and balcony doors have to meet a variety of requirements. They allow you to create a spacious feel in your house. At the same time, they should meet the highest energy requirements and provide protection against noise, burglary and weather. Patio and balcony doors also have to be adaptable to the architecture of your house. No matter whether you choose a sliding door or a French door: we'll show you what you should consider when you make your selection.

What makes heroal patio doors stand out?

Bright, spacious room

heroal patio doors create a special feel for your rooms. Particularly narrow visible widths allow for light-flooded rooms and an unobstructed view. Whether for a patio or balcony door, in your conservatory or for your patio canopy: aluminium heroal patio and balcony doors offer a wide range of design options.

Cost and energy efficiency

A patio door by heroal offers particularly high thermal insulation thanks to a modular insulation zone with high-quality insulating materials. The result: superior insulation, higher energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Proven and tested heroal patio doors provide maximum thermal insulation and low air permeability.

All-round protection

Aluminium patio doors not only provide increased burglary protection, but are also particularly weatherproof, durable and sound-insulated. Whether you choose a French door or a sliding door, heroal patio doors offer barrier-free accessibility while protecting against moisture damage with sophisticated drainage technology.

Patio doors from A to Z

  • Burglary protection

    heroal patio doors for effective security

    More than 40% of all burglars enter the house through the patio door. This makes the patio door the most popular target for burglars, both in single-family homes and multi-storey buildings. That makes protection against burglary a crucial factor. Patio doors by heroal are available up to resistance class RC 3. This means that a potentially violent burglar is not able to enter a house within five minutes of beginning their attempt – a period of time in which most burglars have long since given up. This ensures that your home is protected even when you are away.

    Burglary protection >

  • Electric patio doors

    Electric patio doors for more comfort

    Electric patio doors offer you more comfort, barrier-free accessibility and safety. Network your heroal patio doors with your smart home system and easily control the access using an app. Thanks to modern drive technology, our automatic sliding doors are completely wireless, which makes them a particularly elegant solution in terms of both their technology and their look. Even the manual version of our high-quality aluminium sliding doors offers numerous advantages, such as easy operation and our soft-close system.

    Smart home >

  • Aluminium patio doors

    Advantages of aluminium patio doors

    The choice of material – whether aluminium, plastic or wood – determines the performance characteristics, durability and appearance of a patio door. heroal patio doors are made of aluminium and stand out for their premium and elegant look as well as their particularly high level of protection against burglary, weather and noise. In addition, aluminium allows for narrow visible widths, even when installed in particularly large building openings.

    Aluminium >

  • Design

    Patio door designs

    Patio doors by heroal offer maximum freedom of design. In addition to standard colours such as white and grey, you can choose from any colour in the RAL spectrum and select different degrees of gloss. For a particularly harmonious design concept, heroal offers you the option of separate colour schemes on the outside and inside. The new heroal SD surface coating with a wood or concrete look gives you even more creative design possibilities.

    Design variety >

Our solutions for your patio door

Sliding door and lift & slide door

A sliding door is mounted on a rail and pushed from one side to the other, while a lift & slide door is moved by wheels in the frame. When the door is opened, the door leaf is slightly raised and then simply pushed to the side. This enables comfortable and easy operation even with very large elements.

Sliding doors >
French doors

French doors offer superior values for thermal insulation and security. heroal French doors are a popular solution for conservatories, balconies and patios and use the same technology as large, floor-length windows.

French doors >
Sliding glass wall

A sliding glass wall turns your patio into a summer conservatory in next to no time. The flexible, frameless sliding glass wall enables you to use your patio year-round, regardless of the weather. Get more information now.

Sliding glass wall >


Product characteristics of heroal patio doors

Aluminium patio doors by heroal are the perfect combination of transparency and thermal insulation. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the high quality, design diversity and functional possibilities of heroal sliding doors and French doors. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

Brochure aluminium patio door >

  • unlimited design possibilities
  • durable, stable and long-lasting
  • available with advanced thermal insulation
  • smart home compatible
  • barrier-free accessibility
  • easy and convenient operation

Surfaces and variety of colours

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