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The high-quality aluminium front door from heroal stands out with resistance class RC 2 burglary protection, insulation values (UD) of up to 0.87 W/m2K, as well as sound insulation values up to sound insulation class 3. Create your own personal front door in no time at all with our front door configuration tool.

Start directly with your configuration

Choose between different designs, leaf types, hinges and handle designs, test different colour combinations and integrate the latest technologies. Discover the colour harmony of the Le Corbusier palette, the comprehensive RAL colour palette as well as the various individual looks of heroal SD, such as concrete, rust or wood. In addition, a fingerprint system can be integrated into your front door, as well as LED lighting of the handle.

A few steps to front door configuration

Components of the heroal front door configuration tool

Colour selection

The colour of the front door can be individually configured for both the exterior and the interior. On the exterior, the door panel, handle and frame of the front door can be designed in different Le Corbusier colours. For the interior, in addition to the door panel, the colour of the door hinges and the frame can also be individually configured.

Opening direction and design

The opening direction of your heroal front door can be selected in DIN left as well as DIN right, depending on the structural conditions of your entryway. The design can also be individually configured. Here you can add left and right side panels and transom windows to your front door. How to configure your front door according to your needs.

Door panel and handle

The door panel can be designed differently for the interior and exterior. Aluminium door panels are made at heroal's production facilities in Germany. They are coated in Le Corbusier colours at our own facilities using the highly weather-resistant powder coating heroal hwr. The handle, which is integrated into the door panel, can be selected in three different lengths. It can also be individually configured in the Le Corbusier colours.

Door handles, hinges and leaves

The heroal interior front door handle is available in three different versions. In addition, you can configure your heroal front door with mounted hinges or roller hinges and also have them coated in the Le Corbusier colour of your choice. The interior door leaf can be flush with the surface or protruding.

Select your surroundings

For the exterior you can choose between a plastered house wall, a red brick wall or a black brick wall in order to best adapt the configuration to the surroundings of your entryway. You can also select the colour of the wallpaper for the interior. Here you can choose between cream white, grey and pure white. Use the "scene off" button to view your front door configuration without the background environment. This will allow you to view your front door separately from the building in which it is installed and move and view it in all directions by left-clicking your mouse.

Useful functions of the front door configuration tool

The heroal front door configuration tool offers you additional features that significantly simplify operation and enhance your configuration experience. You can change languages between English, French and German. You can also use "scene off" to fade out the surroundings and display the door on its own. You can switch between the interior and exterior view of the front door using the tabs in the configuration area and the "exterior" and "interior" buttons. You can use the wheel of your mouse to zoom in and out of the configuration. You can also turn the front door to the left and right using the left mouse button. You can zoom and rotate the configuration using the touch display on your smartphone or tablet. Once you've completed the front door configuration, you can use the square in the upper right hand corner of the configurator screen to save your configuration as a PDF file, print it out, or send it to the e-mail address of your choice. You can use "enter ID" to recall your individually configured door. By clicking on the "enquiry" button at the bottom right of the screen, you will be given up to three specialist partner recommendations in your area who can manufacture and install the door of your choice.

  • Change languages DE, EN, FR
  • Zoom using the wheel of the mouse
  • Rotate using the left mouse button.
  • Show and hide environment

  • Save as PDF
  • Send as email
  • Retrieve your configuration with ID
  • Find a specialist partner

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