Smart home

With technological innovations, your home can be networked, safer, more comfortable and more energy-efficient – and you can keep an eye on it wherever you go.

Smart home

Did you remember to lock the front door? Are the windows closed, the shutters down? Intelligent house controls give you peace of mind. heroal systems are optimised for smart home applications: You can easily send the central locking command via smartphone, control all of your home automation and define automatic scenarios to deter burglars. Whether you are travelling or sitting on your couch, a networked house with heroal products is "Simply. Better." You have full control over windows, doors, sun protection, shutters and your garage door.

What are the benefits of networking your home?

Living comfort

Does the sun shine into your living room? No problem – the light sensors will lower the sunshade. You do not want to have to think about lowering your shutters in the evening? Simply set the desired time and relax.


Make it look like you are at home with intelligent lighting controls. Use your mobile phone to check that all access points are locked when you are away from home. Did you forget to lock the front door? No problem - just click on your mobile phone.

Energy savings

Reduce your energy costs by integrating sun protection and window ventilation controls into your home control system and save on air conditioning and heating costs.

Example of heroal smart home possibilities

Roller shutters

Roller shutters - Pull your roller shutters up and down fully automatically via a central control or app - even setting the timer clock is very easy. Pretend you are at home by controlling your roller shutters while you are away - get more protection from burglary.


Windows - Whether you use a remote control or app, it is a very easy task to control ventilation or to open and close windows that are not easy to reach. Check on your windows using your smart phone, also when you are away.

Home automation

Home automation - The intelligent connection of individual products is possible by all standard smart home systems. Our recommendation for more protection from burglary: your doors, windows, roller shutters and roller doors can easily be integrated into your alarm system.

Sun protection

Sun protection - Lift and lower your sun protection automatically via radio control or your smart phone. If equipped with a sun sensor, your sun protection product moves up and down depending on sun radiation. A wind sensor provides that your sun protection seeks shelter on its own.

Entrance door

Entrance door - Open your door fully automatically, via remote control, smart phone or finger print - even a self-regulated opening is possible. As soon as you close your door, it locks itself fully automatically. Use your tablet or smart phone to check on the locking of your door.

Garage door

Garage door - Using your tablet or smart phone, you can open your garage door or just check whether it is properly shut. Or you programme that the door shuts automatically once you have left the garage. Of course, you can also check on your garage door while you are away. An automatic obstacle recognition provides more safety.

Sliding door

Sliding door - Via smart phone or tablet or by the push of a button you can open and close your sliding door fully automatically - even programming specific opening widths or setting a timer clock is no problem. You can also check on the locking of your patio doors via smart phone while you are away.

Integrate heroal products into your smart home system

  • heroal products are compatible with all common smart home systems
  • Controlling the system is simple and convenient with a remote control or smartphone.
  • Our competent specialist partners would be pleased to inform you about the various possibilities of smart home integration and professionally install the components.

Smart living with heroal

With heroal you can keep an eye on your home and improve your living comfort. See for yourself. We would be pleased to advise you on intelligent house controls. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

  • Compatible with all common smart home systems
  • Can also be retrofitted with smart home
  • For more living comfort and quality
  • Optimum burglary protection
  • Save on intelligent energy costs

Automatically open garage doors

With electric roller garage doors by heroal you can easily open your garage doors from your car. Learn more about our automatic garage doors.

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Smart front doors

Enter your house easily with a fingerprint or lock your front door even when you are away from home. Discover the convenience of smart front doors by heroal.

Front doors >
Electric roller shutter controls

Control your roller shutters automatically via app or central house controls and enjoy the benefits of a better indoor climate and increased energy efficiency.

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Automatic patio doors

heroal patio doors can be opened and closed automatically. Create a special interior experience, provide more comfort and make your home barrier-free.

Patio doors >

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