Soundproof doors

More peace and quiet with a heroal soundproof door, because it insulates sound by up to 39 decibels.

Soundproof doors

Effective noise reduction for more quality of living conditions

Feeling at ease in your own home is getting more and more important. The noise level we are exposed to has a major impact on the quality of our living conditions. Noise from traffic or construction sites, for example, affects our health and the ability to concentrate both consciously and unconsciously. Noise reduction has a proven impact on our health, well-being and comfort of living. In addition to burglary protection, thermal insulation and design, sound insulation nowadays plays an important role when choosing the right front door. heroal front doors made from aluminium are available up to sound proofing class 3, thereby reducing the noise level by up to 39 decibels. Find out everything you need to know about soundproof doors for your home here.

What’s so special about heroal soundproof front doors?

Soundproofing class 3

With soundproofing values of up to 39 decibels (db), aluminium front door systems by heroal meet the standards of soundproofing class 3. The sound insulation value largely depends on the door panel, the frame profile and the professional installation.


Thanks to decades of expertise and specific components, such as sealants and insulations, we have developed a technically mature design which makes a significant contribution to the soundproofing of heroal front doors.

100 % foam filling

The profiles of heroal front doors are 100 % foam-filled. The special foam-filling process developed by heroal increases both thermal and sound insulation.

Which components provide for the best soundproofing for doors?

A number of different factors have an impact on the sound reduction index of a front door, among them the type of seal and door panel, the size, the design of the door frame and the professional installation of the front door according to a certified installation manual.


Mass - The higher the mass of a door, the better its soundproofing effect. Heavier doors make it easier to reflect incident sound waves for higher sound insulation values.

Door leaves

Door leaves - Since single-layer components have to be very heavy to achieve sufficient sound insulation, multi-layer components are often used instead. In this way, a structure with a comparably low weight can achieve higher sound insulation.

Door frame

Door frame - The construction of heroal doors ensures that the door frame reflects and absorbs sound waves. heroal acoustic door frames are made of aluminium, which allows them to achieve optimum soundproofing values.


Sealants - Since sound waves pass through the smallest openings, there is no insulation without sealants. Acoustic and rebate sealants make sure that both door sash and door frame are tight, just as the sealants between door and floor.

Installation according to tested installation instructions

Installation according to tested installation instructions - Even the best soundproof door will not work without proper installation. Qualified installation by our specialist partners ensures effective sound insulation.

The right soundproof door for every requirement

The heroal front door configurator

With the heroal front door configurator, you can create your own unique Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door. Discover the broad range of harmonious colour combinations with Le Corbusier colours for your heroal front door. Choose from a variety of designs, leaf types, hinges, handles and technological features to put together a door that is perfect for you and your home. Configure your unique heroal Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door now!

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Sound proofing classes for soundproof doors according to German industry norm DIN 4109

The sound insulation ordinance according to German industry norm DIN 4109 (sound insulation in buildings) determines the minimum requirements on noise reduction in Germany. It also defines the six sound proofing classes in relation to the sound reduction index Rw. This ordinance makes it easier to compare different structural measures available to reduce noise levels. The noise reduction index Rw is given in decibels (dB) and describes the soundproofing provided for the individual structure. For a first assessment of the sound proofing class required for an effective sound insulation, the chart below attributes each sound proofing class to a specific volume of traffic and the proximity of different sources of noise. Test the impact of different sound proofing classes with our interactive sound insulation tool.

Soundproofing class Sound reduction index Rw (dB) Traffic density Distance of house to the road
1 25 - 29 10 - 50 vehicles/h > 35 m
2 30 - 34 10 - 50 vehicles/h 25 - 35 m
3 35 - 39 50 - 200 vehicles/h 25 - 35 m
4 40 - 44 1,000 - 3,000 vehicles/h 100 - 300 m
5 45 - 49 1,000 - 3,000 vehicles/h 30 - 100 m
6 ≥ 50 3,000 - 5,000 vehicles/h < 100 m

Testing sound proofing classes for soundproof doors

Test the sound insulation

Test the noise reduction of the sound insulation classes that heroal windows (sound insulation classes 1 - 5) and doors (sound insulation classes 1 - 3) can provide. You can use the slider to simulate the different sound insulation classes. Please turn on your speakers – with sound insulation class 0 the noise should be perceived as unpleasant.


Current sound insualtion class 0

Meaning of sound insulation class

The sound pressure level is reduced by 25 - 29 dB(A), the noise protection is very low.

The sound pressure level is reduced by 30 - 34 dB(A), which results in low noise protection.

The sound pressure level is reduced by 35 - 39 dB(A), which results in moderate noise protection.

The sound pressure level is reduced by 40 - 44 dB(A), the noise protection is perceived as good.

Very good noise protection is achieved by reducing the sound pressure level by 44 - 49 dB(A).

Extremely high noise protection by reducing the sound pressure level by 50 dB(A) or more.

Note: The actual sound insulation may differ from the audio examples.


  • Where can I buy heroal soundproof front doors?

    If you require doors with a certain level of sound insulation, tailor-made solutions and a professional installation are essential. Our heroal specialist partners manufacture bespoke soundproof doors that are perfectly adapted to the individual installation situation. Use our heroal specialist partner search to find a suitable fabricator near you. Get advice from the experts in order to find the ideal sound insulation for your doors.

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  • Are heroal soundproof doors made to measure?

    Soundproof doors by heroal are made to measure, and customised in order to meet your requirements. In addition to standard sizes for front doors, special elements for especially high or wide entrance doors are available. The perfect features of heroal front doors in terms of sound insulation, burglary resistance and thermal insulation are not affected by the individual size of a front door. For soundproof doors, you have the same design options as for heroal front doors. Choose from more than 500 RAL- and DB-colours with different gloss rates, or the exclusive, nature-inspired Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier shades of colour. In addition, the innovative coating technology heroal Surface Design (SD) provides for aluminium front doors in high-quality wood, concrete and rust looks.

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  • Which sound insulation is required for a front door?

    The sound reduction index of an external door should be at least 27 dB, which corresponds to sound proofing class 1 according to German industry norm DIN 4109. That means that outside noises will be reduced by 27 dB. Depending on the structural conditions, the required noise reduction might need to be increased. Generally speaking: the higher the sound insulation, the better the living environment and higher the quality of living conditions.

  • Why is the professional installation essential for the perfect sound insulation of a door?

    Only if a soundproof door is installed professionally, it will achieve the sound proofing class it is supposed to provide. Our specialist partners do not only make sure that your door is perfectly installed and well-sealed, they also will be pleased to support you before you decide for a door. Special measurements of the noise levels on site may be carried out in order to determine the suitable sound reduction index. Use our specialist dealer search and find the competent specialist dealer near you among more than 3,500 heroal fabricators worldwide – for a professional installation of your heroal soundproof door.

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  • What do dB and Rw mean?

    Rw describes the sound reduction index, which is a parameter to rate the effectiveness of sound insulation in relation to the building element, and indicates the airborne sound insulation of installed building parts, such as doors or windows. The sound reduction index Rw is given in decibels (dB), the unit to measure volume.

  • What’s the difference between Rw, R and Rw, P?

    To describe the sound reduction index of doors, we often use the parameters Rw,R and Rw,P. Rw,R refers to the required sound reduction index of the installed front door, as opposed to Rw,P, which refers to the index measured in a lab or on a test bay during a sound insulation test. In a lab, however, any bypasses of noise or installation tolerances of the soundproof door cannot be considered. Therefore, the value measured on a test bay Rw,P should be 5 dB higher than the actually required sound reduction index. Rule of thumb: Rw,R = Rw,P - 5 dB.

  • Which value is decisive when buying a soundproof door?

    When buying a soundproof door, make sure that the sound insulation index Rw,P is at least 5 dB higher than the required sound insulation index Rw,R. If both the test bay value (Rw,P) and the sound insulation index of the installed door (Rw,R) are indicated, use the latter as a guide.


Advantages of heroal soundproof doors at a glance

Depending on the requirements, heroal acoustic doors can be upgraded as high as sound insulation class 3, which allows them to meet the highest sound insulation demands. Try them out for yourself. We would be happy to give you more information about the right acoustic door for your home. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and let us inspire you.

  • Certified sound insulation
  • Sound insulation classes 1 to 3
  • Tested quality, made in Germany
  • reliable and durable
  • mets passive house standards
  • integrable with smart home

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