Summer conservatory

Sheltered from the wind, enjoy your “garden room“ from the first sun rays in spring until the warm days in autumn.

Summer conservatory

A glass room offering the greatest flexibility

A summer conservatory, also known as a cold conservatory, glass room or garden room, is built with non-insulated profile systems and glass elements. It does not require an energy certificate because it is not heated - otherwise too much energy would be lost through non-insulated profiles and glass elements. A summer conservatory is mainly used in the warmer months and extends the outdoor season: you can enjoy the first rays of sunshine in your summer conservatory, sheltered from the wind, and be “outside... inside” until autumn. In the colder months, a cold conservatory provides the perfect winter quarters for plants sensitive to frost. The moveable sliding elements can be opened and closed as required, which provides for a flexible use of your summer conservatory. When temperatures rise, it turns into an open patio canopy in no time at all. With the moveable sliding glass walls from heroal, you can also extend your patio canopy at a later stage and enjoy greater flexibility.

The advantages of a summer conservatory from heroal

Effective protection from the weather

You can stay dry even when it rains, because the extension of your patio canopy transforms your patio into a summer conservatory in no time. Also available with sun protection.

Different types of opening

The flexible sliding door system provides for different opening types: The glass elements can either be pushed to one side or be opened like a French door.

High-quality colour design

In terms of material, colour and coating, your glass room will be designed to reflect your own personal aspirations and requirements. You can choose from over 500 RAL and DB colours, the Le Corbusier shades or the heroal SD surface coating in wood, concrete, or rust look.

Our solution

Sliding glass wall

The frameless sliding glass wall heroal S 20 C seamlessly integrates into your patio canopy and ensures absolute flexibility, thanks to its moveable glass elements.

On-glass awning

The durable heroal HS on-glass awning for horizontal or sloped canopies protects you and your loved ones from direct sunlight.

Patio canopy

The sliding wall system can be harmoniously integrated into the patio canopy system heroal OR. It is also compatible with all standard canopy systems.

Vertical awning

When the sun is low in the sky, the vertical awning heroal VS Z OR provides for protection from glare and sun at the touch of a button. It also reliably withstands gusts of wind.


Combinations with the drainage system heroal DS provide for full accessibility and an effective drainage.

Modern pull design

The elegant flush pulls made from brushed stainless steel stand out for their modern look and easy use.

Summer garden – “Effortless opening” tool tip

The draw-in dampers reduce the force required to operate the sliding door, and close gently for secure, comfortable closure.

Protection from wind

Draughts inside the summer conservatory are reduced by means of transparent sealing strips between the sliding elements.

heroal solutions for your summer conservatory

Summer conservatory made-to-measure

A summer conservatory is a lifestyle enhancement to your home, adding an individually designed retreat. Different roof shapes, sun protection and design variants provide for an individually designed garden room. For sliding and lifting-sliding doors alone, you can choose from various types of opening. Manually or electrically operated skylights can also be installed. Whether you would like your summer conservatory to be simple or more complex - we will be happy to support you in your project.

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Is a warm conservatory the better option for you?

If you want to use your garden room as a living space all year round, we recommend a warm or thermally insulated conservatory, which also provides for heating. With a warm conservatory, you extend your living space and can enjoy your garden all year round, regardless of the weather. As a conservatory extension affects the energy balance of the entire house, the requirements of the national regulations on energy savings must also be observed. With the energy-efficient conservatory solutions from heroal, it is easy to meet these requirements and to create cosy places for your well-being all year round.

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Planning a summer conservatory – what do I have to consider?

In order to put your summer conservatory project into action, it is important to choose the right shape and design, plan carefully and comply with all applicable regulations. In our checklist, we give you an overview of the various aspects that are important when designing an outdoor living room. In addition, our heroal specialist partners will be happy to assist you.

  • 1. Orientations

    Consider the orientation towards the sun, as it has an important impact on the incidence of light and natural heating:

    • North facing summer conservatories make great office space or workrooms, as they do not heat up that much. They offer pleasant light all day.
    • In east facing garden rooms, you can enjoy early morning sunlight, inviting you to have breakfast or a relaxed yoga session. The heat gain derived from the morning sun can be used throughout the day. For cool evenings, an additional source of heat should be available.
    • A south facing summer conservatory offers a sun-kissed space almost the whole day, especially in summer. External sun protection and an adequate ventilation help to prevent the garden room from heating up excessively.
    • A west facing summer conservatory correlates with the afternoon and evening sun, under which you can relax wonderfully and enjoy many sunsets – made possible thanks to the panoramic view. But even with this orientation, an additional source of heat may make sense, depending on the season.

  • 2. Material

    The material is the most important thing if you want to enjoy your summer conservatory for many years to come. We use aluminium, because it is extremely stable and robust and at the same time low maintenance and easy care. In addition, heroal hwr powder coatings protect against corrosion and prevent colour fading.

  • 3. Structural shape

    Thanks to our modular design principle, almost anything you can imagine is feasible for your new outdoor space. The only thing to bear in mind is that the house and summer conservatory should form a harmonious unit, and that building requirements must be complied with. What are your ideas? Feel free to talk to us!

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  • 4. Insulation

    Obviously, a summer conservatory will not be able to offer the protection against cold and heat that a heated conservatory offers. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of insulation available for cold conservatories to make them resistant against wind, moisture and heat.

  • 5. Building regulations

    Building regulations varying from country to country must be complied with in order to fulfil safety requirements. For example, distances between the cold conservatory and the neighbouring property have to be kept, and loads caused by wind, snow and rain must be held in order to ensure its stability. Escape routes and access for paramedics must also be taken into account. Our heroal specialist partners will ensure the smooth installation of your summer conservatory; they know the jungle of current building regulations and will be happy to provide further assistance.

  • 6. Dimensions

    Statics and building regulations permitting, a cold conservatory can also be designed as a generously planned space with modern, open architecture. Centre supports are used for particularly large conservatories. Talk to our heroal specialist partners, who will be pleased to give individual advise on your requirements, and will also take care of a professional manufacture.

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  • 7. Equipment

    Interior design, accessories and equipment are very important – and they are entirely up to you. By the term equipment, we rather refer to the elements which make a garden room yours: your preferred sliding doors and windows, for example, as well as suitable sun protection, such as the vertical awning heroal VS Z and the horizontal awning heroal HS. As all elements are available in matching colours, all heroal systems can be easily combined.

  • 8. Colour and style

    In addition to their coating quality and the exclusive colours, heroal surfaces and designs stand out for their perfectly coordinated looks, creating building shells that appear to be cast from the same mould. With our extensive range of colours and designs, it is very easy to be creative. Feel free to browse through our range of colours and samples.

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  • 9. Planning permission

    You usually need planning permission to build your summer conservatory. Cold conservatories with sufficient distance to neighbours and no connection to the outside area can be exempt from planning permission, but this is the exception. We recommend that you carefully check the applicable regulations and laws and find out at an early stage which requirements apply to you, as legal restrictions often have a significant influence on the building project. Information on the regulations in your country or municipality can be obtained from the responsible building authority.

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  • Where can I buy a heroal summer conservatory?

    We are glad that we have aroused your interest! Of course, we will help you with all further steps, starting with the planning and installation of your cold conservatory. Please feel free to contact our heroal specialist partners.

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  • How can I protect my summer conservatory against overheating?

    For a perfect protection from glare and heat, we recommend our on-glass and vertical awnings. The conservatory awning heroal HS covers patio canopies of up to 21 m², protects from the heat and ensures pleasant temperatures in the summer conservatory.
    In addition, our easy care vertical awning heroal VS Z OR offers protection from the sun, draughts and wind as well as prying eyes for the sides. It does not need an additional centre guidance for widths of up to 6 m and heights of up to 3 m.

    heroal sun protection systems >
  • Which design variants are available for heroal summer conservatories?

    For the extension of your home, we recommend the non-insulated all-glass sliding wall system heroal S 20 C, which is also suitable for a retrofit to your patio. It extends patio canopies, balconies and areas with roof overhangs into outdoor spaces that can be used regardless of the weather. This creates a partially or completely enclosed summer conservatory. In addition, the patio canopy heroal OR is available in various structural shapes, providing for different design variants.

    heroal S 20 C >
  • Is the heroal summer conservatory fully accessible?

    With our all-glass sliding wall system S 20 C, it is easy to make your outdoor living room fully accessible. This is ensured by the frameless elements and the barrier-free threshold integrated into the floor, whether with 3, 4 or 5 tracks.

    This sliding system can also be used as a room partition indoors, for example between the bedroom and bathroom or dressing room.

    heroal S 20 C >
  • How much is a summer conservatory?

    As your summer conservatory is designed individually, and structural conditions also have to be taken into account, there is no price guide. After all, you can compare the new additional living space with an extension to your house to live in. Please let our heroal specialist partners know your ideas - they will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Product features of heroal patio canopies

If you decide on a summer conservatory from heroal, there are hardly any limits to your ideas in terms of shape and design, subject to legal requirements. We would be happy to support you in making your home even more beautiful with a durable, modern and high-quality cold conservatory - whether for relaxing hours with your loved ones, panoramic views of the landscape, or…. Get in touch with us!

Brochure patio canopies

  • for patios and balconies
  • made-to-measure
  • modular design
  • perfect protection from prying eyes and the elements
  • durable and easy care
  • wide range of colours and textiles

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