Panoramic sliding door

Maximum transparency for magnificent views.

Large lifting-sliding door for unobstructed panoramic views

Large panoramic sliding doors make your home appear open and inviting. At the same time, they provide for a bright and friendly living atmosphere, and a fluent transition between inside and outside. With the panoramic lifting-sliding door heroal S 77 SL, you can create maximum transparency: the fixed frame glazing with its high proportion of glass creates modern interiors, flooded with light. Combined with an all-glass corner or a corner with opening sash, your panoramic sliding door becomes an architectural highlight.

What’s so special about heroal panoramic sliding doors?

Maximum transparency

Panoramic sliding doors by heroal with fixed frame glazings and large elements create living spaces flooded with light and the greatest possible transparency.

All-glass corner

A heroal all-glass corner without corner profile offers an unobstructed view of the landscape beyond: glass meets glass at right angles.

Opening corner

The distinction between inside and outside becomes less noticeable – heroal sash corners without support in the corner area open the room at right angles, creating a completely new feeling of space.

Panoramic sliding door heroal S 77 SL

The lifting-sliding door heroal S 77 SL is characterised by its innovative frame design: large-scale glazings create rooms flooded with light. With large opening sliding elements up to 3 m wide and a sash width of 3 m, the distinction between inside and outside becomes less noticeable. Enjoy the view of your garden and the surrounding area. Take advantage of flush thresholds which create living comfort and full accessibility. With a motor drive, your panoramic door is easy to operate, moving almost noiselessly. The panoramic lifting-sliding door heroal S 77 SL also stands out for its energy-efficiency and security: with ideal insulation values of UW ≥ 0.86 W/m²K, and burglary resistance including resistance class RC 2.

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Sliding element
All-glass corner
Opening corner

Features of heroal panoramic lifting-sliding door

  • Opening variants

    Panoramic sliding doors by heroal are available in various designs. Doors with one or two sashes with different opening variants can be created. The opening variant defines the possible uses of the door. Panoramic sliding doors in combination with all-glass corners are extremely appealing. Opening sash corners create very comfortable passage ways. Please see here for a selection of opening variants available for the panoramic sliding door heroal S 77 SL.

    Fitting scheme G
    Fitting scheme K
    All-glass corner (outside)
    All-glass corner (inside)
    Opening sash corner
    Fitting scheme A
    Fitting scheme C
  • Barrier-free zero thresholds

    To provide for unhindered mobility, the panoramic sliding door heroal S 77 SL can be equipped with barrier-free thresholds, including a zero-barrier version. All trip hazards are eliminated; you can cross the threshold of the lifting-sliding door easily and safely, at any time. When combined with the drainage system heroal DS, any surface water is discharged without any back-up. This way, moisture damages of the interior can be reliably prevented, and you can enjoy your barrier-free door without worries.

  • Comfortable operation

    Even with large sashes up to 3 m high and 3 m wide, operating the sliding door heroal S 77 SL is child’s play, thanks to the tried and tested heroal fittings with Soft-Close technology „Easy Move“ and durable heroal stainless steel slide rails. If required, panoramic sliding doors can be equipped with a motor drive, opening and closing the door fully automatically. It can be controlled via the push of a button on a control panel, a remote control, a switch or a mobile phone. The drive is fully integrated in the profile of the lifting-sliding door and does not affect the aesthetically appealing look. Additional comfort is provided by the „Easy Move" function, which noiselessly cushions and automatically retracts the sliding sashes when they are operated. An anti-pinching device guarantees user safety. As soon as an obstacle occurs, the drive stops. This means that people can not be injured and objects can not be damaged.

  • Secure and energy-efficient

    Burglars often try to enter houses or flats via patio doors. Therefore, you should protect yourself and your family as best as possible. With a panoramic sliding door by heroal, you opt for design, thermal efficiency and security at the same time. The lifting-sliding door heroal S 77 SL has an insulation value of UW ≥ 0.86 W/m²K and is suitable for highly thermally insulated new buildings. Even if installed at a later date, your heroal panoramic sliding door can be flexibly adapted to the technical requirements of your building project. The tested burglary resistance, including resistance class RC 2, provides for a high level of security.


Product features of heroal panoramic sliding doors

The lifting-sliding door heroal S 77 SL combines excellent performance features with transparency and a subtle design, meeting highest architectural requirements. Our heroal specialist partners will be pleased to advise you in selecting the sliding door variant that is best for you. See for yourself.

Brochure aluminium lifting-sliding systems

  • maximum transparency due to a high proportion of glass
  • frames with slim face widths, large elements
  • extreme ease of use thanks to innovative design and Soft-Close
  • very reliable, robust and durable
  • highly thermally insulated for an ideal room climate
  • unhindered mobility made possible with barrier-free threshold (zero barrier) and motor drive
  • can be connected to smart home systems

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