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Find out more about your options with heroal using selected reference properties as examples.

Home Stories

A variety of design options for house building and residential construction

Never before have so many ideas been introduced into our everyday lives as they are today –products for a wide range of applications offer almost unlimited possibilities. Yet we often lack the experience when it comes to putting plans for large-scale building projects into action: What do I have to do to bring my dreams to life? Which products go well together? How do I intelligently integrate the home’s surroundings into the planning? Get to know the stories behind the buildings in our Home Stories, find out why heroal systems were used, and use the experiences of builders and architects as inspiration. So that your home feels like the sanctuary you want it to be.

Mettlach, Germany | 2022
Houseboat Joylife Boats

Joylife Boats combine the advantages of a holiday home with a relaxing holiday on the water. A houseboat rental in Mettlach, Germany, has fitted six of their floating homes with large window and sliding door elements from heroal – for maximum transparency and panoramic views. For this purpose, the window system heroal W 72 and the sliding door system heroal S 42 were used.

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Berlin, Germany | 2016
One-family home Grüner Weg

The one-family home on Grüner Weg offers an unencumbered view of the lake, elegantly blends in the surroundings and, with its light-flooded rooms, creates a pleasant ambience for its residents. This dream home has become true for a couple; located on the shores of Pohlesee, a lake in the greater Berlin area. Gnädinger Architekten, architects in Berlin, were the perfect partners to design this home, and heroal the ideal partner to supply window, door and curtain wall systems for this outstanding project.

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Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium | 2018
Villa in Sint-Martens-Latem

The municipality of Sint-Martens-Latem in East Flanders / Belgium is a very special one: located near Gent, it is considered the origin of Flemish expressionism and also called the “artistic village”. Over the course of time, a lot of painters, sculptors and other artists chose this place to settle down. Right there, the Belgian entrepreneur L.S., with the help of architect Ms. Sandra Schepers, made his dreams come true and built a secluded home with a sense of style amidst Flemish woodland.

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Wuppertal, Germany | 2018
Residential house near Wuppertal

Situated close to nature, a prestigious villa with a generous 351 m² of living space was built on the outskirts of the city of Wuppertal, Germany. Large windows and sliding door elements from heroal ensure maximum transparency and skilfully create a connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The following systems were used for this building: heroal W 72 windows, heroal D 72 doors and heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding doors.

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Individual living with heroal

Finding more inspirations

Explore the various options the heroal product range offers. In our Inspiration Finder, you will find numerous ideas using windows, doors, canopies, roller shutters, sun protection, roller doors or insect screens by heroal.

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Exploring references

In our data bank of references, you will find building projects completed in private residential construction, and further information on the heroal systems used, for example windows, front doors, roller shutters, sun protection, roller doors, curtain walls or patio roofs.

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