Thermal insulation

Bring your home's energy efficiency up to date. Improve the energy efficiency of your house, save on energy costs and invest in maintaining the value and living comfort of your home.

Upgrade the energy performance of your home!

Do you wish for large floor-to-ceiling windows or a sliding door with a panoramic view in order to make your rooms appear brighter and larger? Large glass surfaces not only allow light in, they also cause heat losses, which creates the demand for highly thermally insulated systems. With an energy-efficient house, you not only save energy costs, but also maintain its value and invest in the level of comfort it provides. We will show you good reasons for the right insulation, and how you can enhance the energy efficiency of your home with thermal insulation measures.

Three reasons in favour of thermal insulation

Cost savings

Investing in thermally insulated windows, doors and curtain walls provides for long-term energy savings, which result in cost savings.


With highly thermally insulated heroal systems made from recycled aluminium, you go easy on resources and make a positive contribution to maintaining and protecting our environment.

Energy efficiency

Thermally insulated windows, doors and curtain walls provide for improved energy efficiency, and hence have an enormous impact on the energy balance of your house.

All about thermal insulation

heroal products for enhanced thermal insulation

Highly insulating windows for passive houses

A lot of heat is lost because of insufficiently insulated windows. Aluminium windows from heroal minimise heat loss thanks to profiles with a thermal break, state-of-the art fitting technology and an ideal profile geometry. Both replacement windows for old buildings and the investment in highly thermally insulated windows for new buildings increase the comfort of your home, and reduce energy costs in the long term. With Uf values of up to 0.78 W/m2K, windows from heroal meet the highest energy efficiency and thermal insulation requirements, including passive house certification.

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Front doors for your passive house

A perfectly insulated front door is essential when it comes to the thermal efficiency of your home. heroal front doors are available in different insulation variants, including passive house suitability. Innovative technologies, such as the insulting strip geometry which reduces the heat conduction from the inside to the outside, or the heroal foam filling process which creates a 100 % filling of the insulation chambers, contribute to an enhanced thermal efficiency of up to UD = 0.7 W/m2K. Get more information now about highly thermally insulated heroal front doors for your home.

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Cut energy costs with roller shutters

When closed, roller shutters significantly increase the energy efficiency of your house. Thanks to the complete foam filling of the aluminium slats, they not only protect against the cold in winter, but also provide for ideal protection against the summer heat. This way, they create a pleasantly cool room climate. The wide range of surface-mounted, in-wall and top-mounted roller shutters offers flexibility for numerous installation situations for both new buildings and modernisation.

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Sun protection for protection from the summer heat

Textile sun protection systems do not only serve as a protection against glaring light, but also regulate the room climate, and provide ideal protection against overheating without you missing out on natural daylight. To ensure that interior rooms with large glass surfaces are also protected from high heat levels, heroal offers an outside zip-screen system, which is also available for extremely large shading areas of up to 18 m² with a maximum width of 6 m.

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Useful information

  • Weak points of your building

    Energy weak points of your building

    No matter whether it is freezing cold outside in winter or baking hot in summer: inside our house we want a consistent, pleasant temperature all year round. To achieve this and at the same time reduce heating and air conditioning cost, you should make sure that your house is well-insulated. Only houses with an effective insulation stay pleasantly warm inside, even when it is cold outside. According to studies carried out by the Energieberatung der Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e. V., a German consumer association, insufficient insulation is the most common weak point of a building.

    More than a quarter of the heat (or cold) is lost through the windows. For this reason, more and more homeowners opt to replace their windows, and house builders choose highly thermally insulated windows, including systems meeting passive house standards. The installation of new, thermally insulated windows already ranks second among energy modernisation measures.

  • Advantages of insulation

    Advantages of thermal insulation

    Would you like to replace your old windows with new windows with a higher thermal efficiency, but you are not sure how much you can save with new windows? Let’s say your home is like this:

    • a detached single-family house near Frankfurt/M., with two full storeys
    • year of construction between 1979 and 1983
    • approx. living space = 150 m²
    • oil heating, the boiler has been replaced recently
    • annual consumption approx. 3,150 litres of oil (incl. hot water)
    • old windows with single glazing

    If you replace your windows and install the passive-house certified windows heroal W 77 PH, you can enjoy numerous advantages. With the passive house windows from heroal, you already now meet the thermal insulation requirements of tomorrow, save money today, and at the same time do something good for the environment since you save a lot of energy. Before-and-after comparison:

    • your annual energy consumption is reduced from 3,150 litres to 2,152 litres
    • your annual C0² emissions are reduced from 10.4 t to 7.1 t
    • for these savings, you could fly 11,400 km, or drive 15,700 km by car, 82,500 km by train, or 110,000 km by bus

  • Tips for the summer

    Protection from the summer heat

    What you can do against the summer heat, beyond insulation

    Outside sun protection

    Outside sun protection helps to prevent the heat from outside getting inside. heroal offers you different solutions to enable you to find the product that suits your requirements best.

    Fresh air

    Keep windows and doors closed during the day; to let in fresh air, only open them in the late evening, at night or in the early morning. This will allow for cool, fresh air inside.

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